Monday, October 6, 2014

Breastfeeding, Confinement With Premium Beautiful

Assalamualaikum & Hi

i support breastfeeding!

Many women who thought troublesome to breastfeed while wearing of Premium Beautiful. Good news to share.

Actually it is so easy to breastfeed even though you are wearing of Premium Beautiful. Premium Beautiful are given many goodness for you and also for your baby.

How to?

1. Its bra cup is elastic & capable to support 1 size larger. Nursing breast normally will swell to 1 size larger when the milk is full.

2. The bra is well-fitted. It will not inhibit the breast from growing. Premium Beautiful also can help to prevent nipple infection & provide comfort to the wearer.

3. It is easy for you to breastfeed when wearing of Premium Beautiful. How? Just pull the cup downwards. Baby can be fed quickly & the breast still supported by the cup & giving them a lift.

 Just pull the cup downward

Benefit of Wearing Premium Beautiful During Confinement and Breastfeeding.

1. You can wear Premium Beautiful without help of others.

2. It help to shrink your womb & improves post-pregnancy belly shape, either normal delivery or
    caeserean. This will be good and much better when you breastfed.

3. It help in improving your blood circulation and remove of blood clot/discharge (darah nifas) from       your womb.

4. Tighten your breast, thigh, waist, stomach & buttock.

5. Support the spine/backbone and reduces the back pain. Some mother having of back pain while
    breastfed their baby due to incorrect posture.

6. Wearing of Premium Beautiful may help in enhancing of milk production, prevent from sagging
     breast, shape & firm the breast.

Drinking a plenty of water may help in detoxification. Only wear Premium Beautiful for 8 hours per day. It is so easy to lose weight after gave birth.

All women out there. Please alert! Your body is precious. If you care about your body, then you can give the best for your family.

Premium Beautiful is the best investment for your health & of course for your body too.

Choose your set for confinement & breastfeeding.


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